Custom Orders

Ray Wisner has been creating artwork with wood since 1980. He crafts artistic objects using marquetry, the art of inlaying thin pieces of wood or other veneers into decorative patterns on wood surfaces. This technique originated in 16th century Europe.

Ray specializes in Commissioned Work and Special Orders. Your artifact may be ordered to suit your personal preference.

Typical Order

  • Choose or create a design
  • Choose a medium (e.g. Paddle Style, wall flatwork, furniture, etc.)
  • Design Personalization. (e.g. Your boat, camp, dog, etc.)
  • Choose Custom Painted Lettering style, color
  • Choose a medium size (e.g. Paddle Length, Panel dimensions etc. )
  • Then we work out details maybe a sketch or two and get started.

Remember, any artifact viewed on this site can be special ordered. (excluding items on the restoration page).

Architectural details, cabinets, canoe paddles, fan blades and furniture are just some examples. The possibilities are endless. How about inlayed stair risers or kitchen cabinets accented with flowers or images of different spices.

I enjoy working with the customer home owner or decorator to get it right.