My Story

Ray Wisner has been creating artwork with wood since 1980. Ray crafts his art using marquetry, the ancient art of inlaying thin pieces of wood or other decorative veneers into or onto wood. His work is found in more than 20 countries and all over North America. He has produced renderings of over 30 different animals, a wide variety of landscapes and specialty award designs. Also, Ray has been commissioned to create over 300 custom canoe paddles and custom landscapes. His work can be found on furniture, room dividers screens, large wall pieces, cabinet doors, window valances, fan blades and many more imaginative applications.

Ray possesses a unique ability to take the different personalities of the various woods, with their different grains and colors, and incorporate them into each specific design. Ray attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, the Museum School of Boston, and the Art Institute of Boston. He is a juried member of several artist-craftsmen organizations, as well as being a member of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.



Ray, also known as Biff, has spent the last 35 years learning/perfecting his marquetry and boat build skills.  He started restoring and building custom one of kind antique wooden boats.  He was lucky enough to work at the New England Boat and Motor of New Hampshire for Mark Mason, a well respected antique race boat historian.

This profession mirrored Biff’s passion for canoeing and camping in the wilderness lakes of Northern New England.

In 1994 he started “Paddle Fancy” in Hebron NH, focusing on his art marquetry art. At the same time, he continuing to restore  canoes, smallboats and more.

His hobby through his career was dog training where he became a licensed World Performance Judge for the World Union of German Shepherd Dogs.  Training and competing with dogs led to training and handling of  horses.

It was natural for him to be drawn to the beauty of horse drawn carriages and sleighs. He started collecting and restoring these vehicles for himself and others. Always sharing his carriage and sleigh driving experiences with others giving rides in picturesque Hebron.